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Valossa Labs Oy 26.3.2020

Valossa Releases New Emotion Analytics Engine for Faces

New facial analysis models recognize eight states of expressions from the people in a video, plot trends of positivity and negativity, and add support for a broader set of face positions.

OULU, FINLAND – A major upgrade was rolled out today for Valossa’s unique emotional analytics recognition model which produces much more elaborate data of the behavior of people in videos.

One of the most important updates is the ability to interpret facial expressions and emotions from other than frontal poses, which makes it possible to detect states of emotions and track sentiment change between positivity and negativity for all faces in the video.

The updated model allows inspection of emotional timeline in the Valossa Portal, which contains convenient graphical tools to find the emotional highlights throughout the video, and export trend and statistics information as a CSV data output. Data is also available via REST API for system developers.


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