Smart Port & Ship Platform

A unique platform where supply chains meet

 Awake.AI’s unique platform for collaboration and optimization enables better operational planning for all logistics chain actors in real-time. Our rapidly growing partner and solution ecosystem are constantly delivering added value to its users.
The platform is built with future-proof and extendable architecture which will adapt to new emerging standards. The platform allows its users to focus on implementing their strategies on sustainable maritime logistics already today!

Awake platform can provide accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETA) for ships, take weather forecasts into account and link the situational information from the port side to determine the best possible Just-In-Time (JIT) arrival.
Up to date Recommended Time of Arrivals (RTA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) information is valuable for optimizing fleet utilization and in reducing the shipping emissions.

Awake platform is a secure digital platform that Port Authorities can use as a foundation for catering various digital services to their community. Online, real-time and predictive tools pave the way for efficient port call planning and operations together with Terminal Operators.
Terminal operators gain access to the upcoming port calls earlier and can predict port operations more accurately, allowing to better optimize their resource usage

Freight forwarders and cargo owners can use the platform to track & trace and optimize the cargo flow going through the port gates (Railway and Road). Tracking containers, trailers, trucks and other assets together with vessels within the port area, provides situational awareness and enables Just-In-Time deliveries and pick-ups from and to the port

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Leading the digital revolution in maritime logistics. We understand how to tackle the big problems in the maritime business. We understand logistics chains, autonomous shipping and most of all: what drives the value in the maritime business.  Our mission is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics.