Tailored AI Solutions

Silo.AI´s customizable AI solutions and infrastructure with support and maintenance that you can count on.

Case Studies

Flight delay prediction
Improved situational awareness of air traffic for operations control center
• More intelligent and efficient flight management
• More time to react and prioritize for experts in the operations control center.
• Improves safety and customer satisfaction

Water quality prediction
Smart water management that helps predict chemicals in water treatment.
• Improved forecasts and new insights about water quality
• More intelligent data processing allows humans to focus on more value-creating work
• More efficient and accurate support for clients

Silo AI Oy


Silo.AI is the largest private Artificial Intelligence laboratory in the Nordics that builds AI as a service. The company serves clients on four different continents, including central banks, financial institutions, heavy industry, airlines, maritime, media, and retail. Silo.AI believes strongly in a future of human-centered artificial intelligence and builds “human-in-the-loop” AI solutions to provide strategic assets to the core business in a measurable, safe and explainable way.