Leiki Smart Services

Leiki provides market-leading solutions for Audience & Content Data and Content Discovery

Audience & Content Data
Leiki provides data that is not available through other means. Our text analysis technology is able to understand the meaning of content deeper than any other solution.

Content Discovery
Leiki’s uniquely capable content discovery services increase traffic for content owners such as publishers, broadcasters, retailers and brand advertisers. We can precisely target content where other methods fail.

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Leiki Oy


Leiki is the global leader in providing software as a service (SaaS) solutions for semantic context-based intelligence, intelligent user profiling, and audience segmentation. Leiki technology can understand any piece of text in a human-like manner.

Based on two decades of continuous R&D efforts and experience, Leiki’s Semantic AI technology analyses text with more than 200,000 topics connected to millions of rules, giving an unparalleled understanding of any given text. Every year, over 60 billion recommendations are served in 30 languages using our technology.