Aiwo Aizait

Real-Time AI Qualitative Analytics

Turn your data sources for leading with knowledge and better decision making. Utilize all documents and communication to profit and better business with Real-Time AI Qualitative Analytics. Unique Aiwo Aizait Service. Leading with knowledge 2.0 is here, today!

Aiwo Aizait CX

Complete visibility into all customer experience in real-time. Take advantage of all customer communications from all open-ended data sources and call recordings.


Aiwo Aizait HR

From numbers to answers, understand the true daily lives of employees. Let employees tell in their own words what works and what doesn’t, what needs to be improved.

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Aiwo Digital Oy


Aiwo’s highly experienced interdisciplinary team includes data science, software architecture, and qualitative research and user experience professionals. The Aiwo Digital team has done long-term research, product development, testing, and service production. It is an honor for us to keep to the agreed service promises in good quality and on time.