World-Class AI Expertise

Build AI solutions with top-notch AI experts or complete teams for product development or R&D with Silo.AI´s Expertise

Computer vision. Get insights from automated image analysis.
Build autonomous vehicles and robot guidance with machine vision.
Augment human intelligence with video-based AI solutions.

Natural language processing. Extract information from unstructured data.
Augment RPA applications with learning language processing.
Remove clerical bottlenecks, augment and empower experts

Machine learning. Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, transfer & active learning. Understand, decide and predict in highly complex systems. Provide human experts with machine-driven support. Extract value out of vast, complex combinations of data.

Solution Design & Development Deliver turnkey solutions for AI-augmented business. Human-machine collaboration for efficient knowledge work. Integrate AI seamlessly into current ways of working.

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