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Shopify Blog 10.9.2020

Shopify: 5 Pandemic Buying Habits That Are Here to Stay

In June, Shopify surveyed buyers in Canada and the US and asked: “How have your buying habits changed since the spread of COVID-19?”  Shopify´s research shows a marked increase in online shopping, an appetite for virtual experiences, more adoption of local pickup and delivery methods, and widespread support for small, independent businesses. Gift card purchases are up, too, as are payment plan purchases.

The consumer trends defining 2020—and their long-term effects

  • Increase in online shopping
  • Support for local and independent businesses
  • Demand for curbside pickup
  • Appetite for local delivery
  • The shift toward virtual experiences

Perhaps more surprising than any individual shift is the evidence that these emerging trends are here to stay: 53% of North American buyers said that the pandemic has changed the way they will shop going forward.

Explore from Shopify´s Blog, what do these trends mean for a business owner?

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