Filter Your Search website 28.8.2020 releases new deep learning course, four libraries, and 600-page book

Today is’s biggest day in our four-year history. We are releasing:

fastai v2: A complete rewrite of fastai which is faster, easier, and more flexible, implementing new approaches to deep learning framework design.

fastcore, fastscript, and fastgpu: Foundational libraries used in fastai v2, and useful for many programmers and data scientists.

Practical Deep Learning for Coders (2020 course, part 1): Incorporating both an introduction to machine learning, and deep learning, and production and deployment of data products.

“Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD”A book from O’Reilly, which covers the same material as the course (including the content planned for part 2 of the course) is self-funded research, software development, and teaching lab focused on making deep learning more accessible. We make all of our software, research papers, and courses freely available with no ads. We pay all of our costs out of our own pockets and take no grants or donations, so you can be sure we’re truly independent.

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