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New On Sketchfab 25.5.2020

Announcing Sketchfab for Teams

When we started Sketchfab in 2012, our goal was to make 3D accessible, to help 3D content go beyond its relatively niche domain and bring realtime 3D to everyone through the web. And to this day, we have remained focused on building the best web-based 3D player, for creators, brands, and museums alike to showcase 3D content to the world. We are now bringing the power of Sketchfab to organizations.

As we became the leading platform to publish 3D content, we realized that more and more people were using Sketchfab internally for private workflows. It turns out that there is a similar need within companies, organizations, and teams to help 3D designers communicate with the rest of the team. For most 3D projects, there are many stakeholders who are not 3D designers: the marketing team, the communication team, managers, etc. Those team members typically don’t use 3D software, and often have no idea where to find particular assets, as they live across various places. These organizations would highly benefit from the ability to access and review 3D content in actual 3D, and from a central place. This need is growing with 3D becoming increasingly important to more industries like entertainment, education, commerce, manufacturing, and construction, especially with today’s workforce becoming increasingly distributed and remote.

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